Mjölk Exhibition - That Is Best Which Works Best

Mjolk Fire Tools Thom Fougere

We're excited to announce the Mjölk Fire Tools will be launching during the exhibition "That Is Best Which Works Best". The event hosted by Canadian design gallery Mjölk, will open to the public on January 18th as part of the Toronto Design Offsite festival. 

Event description:

It is important to examine how past craft movements have informed contemporary practice. By looking towards the Shaker movement, many designers, artisans, and craftspeople have found a distinct aesthetic informed by a philosophical practice.

This exhibition combines the work of Canadian designer Thom Fougere, Norwegian designer Hallgeir Homstvedt, and musician Jason Collett, along with museum-quality Shaker objects, to play off of each other and facilitate a conversation between antique and modern pieces. Focusing on use and necessity, these designers look to create products which communicate the idea of functional timeless design.

More information available here.