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The design concept of the EQ3 Flagship location in downtown Toronto is a model for all future EQ3 furniture showrooms.

Based around producing the best customer experience possible from store design, to product layout, the notion of typical showroom and cutomer interaction was reimagined for this location. The location will also house EQ3's signature custom-made upholstered designs and home furnishings, along with its iconic EQ3+ line, a hand-picked selection of internationally renowned products from brands like Herman Miller, Alessi, and Vitra.

The new, two-storey showroom transforms Hanna Avenue’s Boiler Room building, originating back to 1910, into a space that balances EQ3’s modern aesthetic with the industrial nature of the historic structure. An intriguing duality is brought forward – juxtaposing rustic Canadian construction influences. The flagship features two distinct areas: the first level showcasing smaller items and accessories, along with a custom-made 40’ x 35’ lighting installation illuminating the first floor; the second floor hosts EQ3's expansive product line.

Exclusive to the new Liberty Village location is a new shop-in-shop experience co-designed with Marimekko, the textile and clothing design company internationally renowned for its original prints and vibrant colours. This space offers a curated selection of the Finnish company’s products, including bedding, shower curtains, tableware, kitchen linens, and pillows.

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Marimekko Toronto
EQ3 Toronto

Location: Toronto, Canada
Completion: 2011
For: EQ3 Ltd
Size: 11,000sqft
Collaborators: EQ3 Marketing Dept., Interior Design Dept.