Palliser / Eq3 / Casana / 220 Elm    220 ELM SHOWROOM    2016

The 220 Elm building is located in Highpoint, North Carolina originally designed by Ron Keenberg of IKOY in 2001. Each floor of the building houses a collection of showrooms for an array of international furniture brands. The top floor of the building is occupied by a group of Canadian-based furniture companies — EQ3, Palliser and Casana. Working within the constraints of the original building plan, the organizational and spacial programming were altered to suit the three businesses, while conveying a unity between the three companies. A wood slat structure meanders throughout the common area of the building, offering dynamic vitas and lighting conditions into each of the showrooms.

Location North Carolina, USA
Completion 2016
For Palliser
Size 89,000sqft
Collaborators EQ3, Palliser
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