Division Twelve    STOOL COLLECTION   2022

The inspiration for the collection came from ‘Yellow Over Dark Blue’ painting by Ellsworth Kelly. The soft geometric forms and their relationship to one another informed the shapes of the seat and backrest as well as their gentle relationship to each other.

The design process was a combination of both old techniques and new technology. Once the general idea and forms were discovered through drawings, time was spent sanding the seat and backrest forms out of rigid foam. Further refinements of each form came from the use of automotive clay - a long and difficult process of sculpting an oil-based clay over a mdf framework to further refine the complex curves of the backrest. The clay model and foam forms were then 3D scanned and cnc’d from a block of cork. These cork models are more resilient and were used to test the seating experience and final composition.

The collection was designed to be suitable for the home environment, and bring a softer ambiance to a commercial environment. 

Available for purchase at Division Twelve / Keilhauer

Design Thom Fougere Studio
Photography Thom Fougere Studio, Keilhauer
Manufacturing Keilhauer
Client Division Twelve
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