Edition    SADDLE CHAIR    2016 

The Saddle Chair is a new typology of chair for the home. The two saddle leather backs offer multiple methods of sitting and interacting with the chair; the lounge seating position with leg rest allows for a relaxing reclined seat, while the adjacent side allows for a casual seating position similar to that of a typical easy chair. The sculptural form and thin profile are the result of fusing a light steel structure with a vegetable tanned saddle leather. The seat, a down filled and upholstered leather cushion, is deep enough to find comfort between the two adjoined back rests. Over time the leather will patina, leaving traces of preferred lounging and seating positions, highlighting the habitual act of sitting.

Design Thom Fougere Studio
Photography Thom Fougere Studio
Manufacturing Top Stitch Upholstery
Client Prototype
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