Mjölk    FIRE TOOLS   2016

The Fire Tools are the result of a long term study into man's historical relationship with fire, hearths, and the tools used for tending to a fire. Our history with fire is an important one, deeply embedded within our being. Fire itself is a tool that provides a means of warmth and nourishment; we are instinctively drawn to its presence. The design for the Fire Tools was inspired through studying tools of the past and how these tools have evolved over time. By examining this evolution and distilling the tools down to only the most essential components needed for modern day hearths — maintenance, cleanliness, storage, and tending to the fire — their forms emerged. Each tool was reimagined to address each of these necessities in a unique manner. The set is comprised of a selection of natural materials that enrich with use and age — walnut, leather, and brass.

Available for purchase at Mjölk.

Design Thom Fougere Studio
Photography Thom Fougere Studio
Client Mjölk

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